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Find vulnerabilities and defects that cause system failures, poor reliability, system breaches, or unsafe conditions.

Codesonar, from Grammatech, is a static analysis tool for both source code and binary analysis that empowers teams to quickly analyse and validate their source code and binaries for vulnerabilities and defects. CodeSonar finds more significant defects than other static analysis tools, through  innovations in concurrency analysis, tainted data-flow analysis, and comprehensive checkers.

CodeSonar for Source Code

CodeSonar for Source Code is designed to detect defects such as data races, deadlocks, buffer overruns, leaks, null-pointer de-references, uses of uninitialised variables, and other security vulnerabilities that are famously tough to find. And because it’s used as part of your development cycle, without you having to modify your code, you can dig out and fix these bugs while you work, preventing catastrophe and more work later.

CodeSonar for Binaries

CodeSonar for Binaries allows customers explore vulnerabilities in their own executables or in third-party provided applications and libraries and currently supports x86, x64 and ARM-based environments. Because CodeSonar’s binary analysis technology doesn’t rely on debugging or symbol-table information, it can examine the stripped binary executables that third-party software vendors typically ship. With this capability, the technology enables you to perform a security audit on software without any cooperation from the vendor.

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Key Features:

  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities
  • Detect and correct multicore / multithread flaws
  • Increase code quality and transparency with customized reports
  • Audit code against coding standards and regulatory requirements
  • Gain system understanding with application visualization
  • Reduce the risk of shipping costly, defective, brand-damaging defects
  • Improve team scalability and efficiency

Supported Languages:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Binaries