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Introducing Lattix Software

Lattix has pioneered an award-winning approach to understand and visualize dependencies right across your systems.

Valbrio are a partner for Lattix in the UK and Ireland. Lattix provides development teams, systems architects, designers and quality personnel with the ability to understand and manage the dependencies and complexity of their software architecture in C, C++, Java, C# and a range of other languages and environments.

Why Lattix?

With Lattix Architect you can measure, track and report on changes in your system and understand and enforce the intended architecture. We selected Lattix for its leading-edge features, modules, tools and scripts which make it simpler to specify, enforce and re-factor the architecture and dependencies of any system.

Lattix Pedigreee

Lattix is a leading innovator in complexity management. With its roots at MIT, Lattix have been providing software solutions in complexity management since 2004. Lattix was founded by Neeraj Sangal, a recognised thought leader in the application of architecture analysis and the Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) to the domain of software development,

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