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Assert Security

Next generation DAST technology

Valbrio are Assert Security’s exclusive partner for the UK, Europe and Scandinavia for their Venari technology. We selected them as a partner because their next generation technology is a game changer for security researchers trying to uncover vulnerabilities in modern web frameworks.


We were told by our customers working in app security that they faced significant problems with existing tools build for traditional applications in terms of scalability and integration of app security testing into their build pipelines


Assert Security was founded by application security veterans who shared a passion for software development and automation with a common goal of making web security ‘shift left’ into a reality.

Their Venari platform enables you to assert security truth early and often via unattended automation. AppSec Automation for Continuous Assurance is their guiding principle.

The next generation Venari DAST engine examines all flavours of web endpoints, whether they are traditional page-based sites, REST APIs that support mobile apps, or IOT nodes. The platform works equally well for staged applications in the build pipeline or for light touch analysis of production assets.