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Codesonar Version 5 released

20 August 2018
Codesonar V5 released providing increased language coverage with C#, support for Microsoft Visual Studio, new copy and paste checker and binary code analysis decompiler to increase the reach of CodeSonar across the enterprise.

Valbrio, GrammaTech’s UK, Ireland and Eastern European distributor, today announced availability of Grammatech CodeSonar® 5. This is the latest innovation in advancing static analysis for software developers looking to improve their development workflows.

CodeSonar® 5 delivers the next step in usability and extensibility for users of static analysis:

  • Increased language support for the most popular programming languages for safety and security critical industries such as Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Consumer/Electronic as well Aerospace and Defence by adding C# support to the already existing support for C, C++ and Java..
  • Improved user experience with support for the Visual Studio IDE, which builds on the currently available support for the Eclipse IDE. CodeSonar® uses open standards where possible and CodeSonar® 5 adds support for importing results in the Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF).
  • New copy-paste checker. The whole program static analysis engine within CodeSonar® has been extended with a copy-paste error checker that finds problems caused by incorrect re-use of C/C++ code. This checker has already proven its use in finding more than 20 problems in popular open source programs such as the Linux kernel, chromium, mysql, wine, eclipse TCF, python, and postgres.

This once more confirms that CodeSonar® delivers the deepest static analysis for C/C++ in the industry today. Numerous other improvements are also included, such as enhancements to the C++11, 14, and 17 support, floating point support and more flexibility in the role-based access control, improving usability for large enterprise deployment. The update is available as a free upgrade to all licensed customers under active support and maintenance contracts.

A 30-day free trial of CodeSonar® 5 is also available. Register for your evaluation.