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Webinar: What’s new in CodeSonar 5.2

Software security from embedded to enterprise

CodeSonar has been the preferred static analysis solution for software development teams building safety and security critical software built in C and C++. In recent releases CodeSonar has been expanding its language coverage through the use of open standards and it has added  support for Java, C#, Objective C and C++, Python as well as JavaScript to its arsenal. This expansion expands the domain in which CodeSonar can help software teams perform Static Application Security Testing (SAST). Software teams from embedded to enterprise domains can use CodeSonar to improve the quality and security of their software.

In this webinar, we will present the new features of CodeSonar 5.2, then use a variety of different projects to demonstrate CodeSonar’s deep static analysis capability on the crazyflie quadcopter by BitCraze, on GnuChess, a desktop application in C/C++, an IoT Edge application as well as some additional code in Python and JavaScript. We will use Docker to run CodeSonar on these applications and view the warnings in both CodeSonar’s web GUI and visualization tool as well as in Microsoft Visual Code.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday 17 December 2019
Time: 16:00 GMT