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Webinar: Applying Aviation Cyber-Security

Applying Aviation Cyber-Security via DO-326A / ED-202A

This 1-Hour Technical Training webinar from AFuzion & Grammatech provides the basic info necessary to start planning your Aviation Cyber-Security needs to meed the year-end 2019 mandates.

The new DO-326A (ED-202A), DO-355, DO-356 et al ecosystem is non-trivial but affects virtually everyone involved with aviation development and deployment. The DO-326A/ED-202A set of documents is all about the mitigation of the aviation/aircraft safety effects of “Intentional Unauthorized Electronic Interaction (IUEI)”, a.k.a. “Cyber Threats”, and which were explicitly excluded from the classic DO-178/ED-12/ARP4754 set.

This AFuzion and Grammatech hosted webinar prepares you to begin preparing today for tomorrow’s threats, and mandates.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday 3 October 2019
Time: 17:00 BST