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Merging of the MISRA C++ and AUTOSAR C++ Guidelines is Good News for Safety Critical Software Development

The MISRA Consortium recently announced the merger of MISRA C++ 2008 and AUTOSAR C++14 into a common guideline. This is positive news since it combines two key standards for coding in C++ for safety critical automotive (among other) software.

Good news for developers

An interesting thing about the AUTOSAR C++ standard is it derives significantly from MISRA C++ 2008 and the standard is expressed as deltas from the MISRA baseline. Equally important is the inclusion of other key C++ coding guidelines from other key sources such as SEI CERT C++, JSF, HIC++, C++ Core Guidelines. In many ways, it makes sense to merge AUTOSAR C++ and MISRA C++ since it improves and updates MISRA to the latest guidelines, but also reduces the need to evolve and update two standards.

This is good news for developers because they now have a single coding guideline to follow that includes guidance from various industry groups for both safety and security. There is no need to show conformance to multiple standards which should reduce certification costs.

You can read the full post on the GrammaTech website.

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